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Sin City 2 - A Dame To Kill For - Images

Josh Brolin and Eva Green pictures in"A Dame To Kill For"
Ava Lord picture
Eva Green image. Movie scene
Josh Brolin with a gun in A Dame To Kill For
Johnny face in The Long Bad Night
Image of Mickey Rourke starring Marv
Nancy Callahan dancing in Kadie's
Eva Green dressed in blue
Nancy Callahan long dark hair
Miho looks the action from the roof
Based in Frank's Miller graphic novels

"A Dame To Kill For" publicity image
Sin City Drawing Letters
- Welcome To Sin City -
Images of
A Dame To Kill For

Eva Green is the sensual Ava Lord

Eva Green starring Ava Lord. She is the main character of this second Sin City movie, a femme fatale highly sexy, who uses men to get her dark, seedy intentions.

She will use her sensual body to carry out her Machiavellian plans. Her pretended vulnerability and innocence are her favorite tools to manipulate men. They will be anxious to protect her.

She’s a "noir" character, such as James M. Cain's Cora Smith.
In black and white Sin City storyboard, her red lipstick immediately stands out. Ava Lord in her blue dress is a flashy scene of A Dame To Kill For. Colors are displayed to show us Ava dressed as a special, sexy character.

Ava phones Dwight McCarthy because she needs to see him. This call shocks Dwight, breaking him down. His world fell apart when their relationship ended. However, he can't say "no".

In the next scene Dwight is waiting for Ava at Club Pecos, a Sin City dive bar. In the cigarette smoke the camera focuses a lady dressed in blue. She is Ava Lord, and here goes our advice: “You must not look at her”. The "femme fatale" attracts every look in the dive bar. The time slows and men get hypnotized by her aura, by her eyes. If you look at her, you will do everything she wants.

It has been said that Frank Miller will continue the graphic novels saga, even if the 8th novel isn’t written yet. Nonetheless the second Sin City movie was released on August 22, 2014 in the United States.

It was finally entitled just as the second novel of the comic saga: A Dame To Kill For, as confirmed in
the first trailer released on March, 2014.

The movie promotion left us a lot of amazing pictures, as you can see in the following article:
More Amazing Pictures of "A Dame To Kill For.

Ava Lord gripping a gun

Ava Lord gripping a gun is one of the first promotional pictures. Ava's gun is faded so her bright eyes and lips stand out in the typical Sin City style, high black and white saturation.

Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller wanted to show the sensuality of the character, and they did. Next image is the proof. We can see Ava Lord in a steam bath.

Jessica Alba starring the sexy Nancy Callahan

Jessica Alba will be forever linked to Sin City. In the first movie her sensual dance is the most visual scene. She’s a colorful cowgirl that surprises us in the grey Sin City universe. Nine years after, this scene is still present.

In the second movie Nancy is still the main attraction at Kadies’s. Frank Miller mixes two actions in the same comic strip: Nancy is dancing as Marv hits some guys who insulted the waitress. But this won’t be her only performance in A Dame To Kill For, she will have her own chapter, a new story specially written for this film.

Several months ago Frank Miller declared that the movie main story would be A Dame To Kill For, but there would be another three short stories. Nancy’s story tries to tie up loose ends and get this second movie closer to the first one.
Marv starring his own chapter, an unknown story
A Dame To Kill For is divided in four stories and Marv plays an important role in two of them. He’s the main character in Just Another Saturday Night and an outstanding supporting one in A Dame To Kill For.

In Just Another Saturday Night Marv wakes up in the middle of a traffic accident. He has forgotten how he got there. He will remember it, little by little.

The Fat Loss argument

The Fat Loss argument was not revealed by the writers until the movie was released, but promotional pictures were highly revealing. Nancy has torn after losing Hartigan, who had committed suicide to protect her from Roark.

Hartigan is dead but Bruce Willis does appear in several scenes at Kadie’s. He’s just a reflection in Nancy’s mirror, a trick of her mind. She can’t forget Hartigan’s dead. He was her savior and she was in love with him. As a tear drops off her face she punches the mirror, claiming for revenge.
Jessica Alba dark hair
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Welcome To The Second Sin City Movie

Argument and images of the second movie based in Sin City novels

Josh Brolin starring Dwight McCarthy

Sparks fly every time Dwight McCarthy and Ava meet throughout the film. There’s too much passion in just one Dwight because Ava is much more than a pretty face for him. Relationships are always complicated for Dwight, a recurrent character of the saga. But he has many lives.

Promotional pictures reveal some parts of this story. In the first picture Dwight meets his lover naked in his bed, right after he had a terrible fight with Manute -Ava's servant. In the second picture he goes to the hospital to look into Manute's eyes and threatens him with a gun.

Ava Lord in her blue dress. A new spoiler about the movie

It’s Saturday Night and Marv and his liquor bottle are in an alley, near the Kadie’s. It smells like meat on fire. Three young pervs are committing one of the most horrible crimes in Frank Miller’s Sin City stories.

In A Dame To Kill For Marv helps Dwight to rescue his lover, Ava. It’s a difficult mission because Lord’s Manor is protected by Manute and his thugs. Marv is the only guy strong enough to face Manute. As they’re fighting, Dwight gets into the manor.

The Long Bad Night

A new short story specially written for the film.

Johnny, starring Joseph Gordon-Lewitt, arrives to Sin City to play the most important poker game in his life, but just apparently. He really means is to humiliate one of the city “big fish”.
Marcy, and Johnny shadow
Joseph Gordon-Lewitt

This is Sin City, the origin of the saga

Sin City isn't just any city. Frank Miller describes it for the first time in "The Hard Goodbye", the first graphic novel of the saga, starring Marv. "Walk down the right back alley in Sin City and you can find anything". That’s when the toughest guy in Sin City arrives to Kadie's, drawn as a "charming" dive bar, for a guy like Marv, sure.

Sin City real name is Basin City. This is obviously a word game. In fact, city road signs are partially faded in graphics novels to show what's really in: BaSin City, the perfect scenery for a "noir", sinful story.

Tough Marv starring the first story is a great idea to introduce Sin City, the fictional universe where all the novels and films of the saga take place. Marv is legal but over-reacting, charming but obscure. Just as Sin City. Every night it's rainy in this dark universe and rain always hits the good ones. Crime and corruption are still down, in the drains. Main characters pursue fair causes, but are always hit by evil, psycho antagonist, which are really puppets, whose threads are moved by corrupt politicians, clerics or cops. Sin City foundations are written in this way, with violence and sin. It’s Frank Miller's social critic. These are the rules there.
Actors movie list

- Written By Ana Tenreiro & Alex Rodríguez -
Spanish Version
Frank Miller's Sin City "A Dame To Kill For"
Josh Brolin starring Dwight in the A Dame To kill For set
Frank Miller's Sin City "A Dame To Kill For"
In this picture Robert Rodriguez shoots a fight in a very special way, projecting shadows on the wall as the waitress watches stunned.
Directed By

Robert Rodriguez
Frank Miller
Spanish Flag